What do lithium batteries, particle acceleration, and cancer research have in common? Stanford scientists have been at the forefront of major breakthroughs in each of these areas. There are a myriad of science and medicine opportunities for high school students at Stanford. See which ones pique your interest. 

At Stanford Pre-Collegiate Studies, young students passionate about the sciences can explore the world of scientific discovery. We have a number of programs that focus on the sciences. 

  • Stanford Pre-Collegiate Summer Institutes is a residential program of intensive, enrichment courses, including courses in Theory of Relativity, Java & Robotics, Engineering, Cosmology, Artificial Intelligence, and Bioscience & Biotechnology.
  • Stanford University-Level Online Math & Physics offer largely self-paced courses designed for students who have advanced beyond AP Physics and want to earn Continuing Studies credit.
  • Stanford AI4ALL (formerly SAILORS) engages 9th-grade young women in the ever-evolving study of artificial intelligence. 
  • Discovering Medicine @ Stanford brings together students with a passion for medical science for an interactive 3-day conference on the Stanford campus.

For other opportunities at Stanford please refer to the Stanford Office of Science Outreach